Jung Catalogue 2023

24 7g Compostable Foil Trolli Strawberry Orange Lemon Pineapple Express Jelly Bears Content Print 4-c Euroscale Order quantity 1.800, 3.000, 5.400 or 10.200 pieces Contents Premium quality Trolli fruit jelly gums with 10% fruit juice content, colourful mixture, 7 g Shelf life 12 months; compostable foil: 6 months Format Approx. 70 x 84 mm Request the dimensions of the advertising space as an imposition layout Material Bag made of white or transparent foil, compostable option, climate neutral Delivery packing Cartons containing 600 pieces, 4 cartons per shipping carton Delivery time Generally 6-10 working days after approval for printing. See also in the catalogue on page „Information“ or at go.pfile.de/agb-en